Artist Statement


     Hailing from South-Eastern Massachusetts, Savannah was homeschooled by an artist mother and this always made her have an interest in the artistic and unusual. During Savannah's life, she wanted to be everything from a singer, a magician, a professional unicycle rider, an art teacher, an interior designer, and then finally a filmmaker.  When she moved to California in 2013, Savannah found welcoming people and a creative outlet in the Art Department for film and new media.  Here, she has been able to explore all her past career options by aiding in bringing them to life in entertainment for everyone to enjoy.


     Since moving to California, she has been an integral part of many award-winning films that have been screened all over the world.  Her work consists of production design, prop fabricating, miniature model making, art direction, and almost any other art department job she can get her hands on. Savannah currently lives in Burbank with her partner and two cats. 




Winner: A Thousand Cranes

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